Title: Chat noir, nuit blanche (English title: The Night of the Cats)

Gendre: Noir comedy

Format: Graphic novel. Black and white.

Number of pages: 124

Rights sold: French, Spanish


When the sun sets, prostitutes are being brutally killed in the dark alleys of the corrupt City of Tangentopolis. Marius Riutort is a noir novel writer and a cranky old misanthrope who lives unaware of what happens in the world. One night, he will remain locked out his flat in underpants and will meet Boldoni, a clumsy and naïf police detective who is trying to catch the serial killer dressed up as a hooker. Together, they will live crazy adventures with persecutions, shootings, gangsters, torture, masked orgies… and they will also adopt a little pig! At the end of the night they will solve the mystery of the murders: a crazy old woman that kills prostitutes and makes pathé with them to feed the city abandoned cats.