Title: L’Estiu de les Sardines (The Summer of the Sardines)

Format: Album. Colour.

Number of pages: 32

Rights sold: Catalan (Espiral Edicionesl)


On a small island in the Mediterranean, a seemingly calm and discreet village experienced an unforgettable summer. Suddenly, sardines rained from the sky, temperatures reached such highs that pizzas could be cooked in the sun, grandmothers started to levitate, crickets surprised everyone with their unusual opera concerts, and tourists invaded the village…

The summer of the Sardines is a story that captures the magic of that exceptional season where reality blends with fantasy. A tale that invites you to let your imagination soar, recalling the innocent times of childhood and its ability to see the extraordinary in everyday life. An opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey and share this experience with young readers.