Graphic novel. 194 pages.

Rights sold: French (L’Oeuf éditions), Portuguese (Levoir), Polish (Timof Comics).


Gus is a novice writer who works at an old second hand record store. His best friend is Mario, who is so fed up of temporary jobs that decides to open his own business, a nostalgia shop. Gus has problems to establish serious relationships until he meets Clara, a recent art graduate that is trying to take control of her life and stop sleeping at  her best friend´s sofa, Lucia, who is a social network addict that is constantly changing boyfriends.

In the first part of the book we will see how Gus and Clara meet and eventually fall in love. The second part of the story is placed three years later, when they are eventually going to break up. At the same time we will know all the events that occur to the secondary characters, the evolution between their relations and the sad ending of one of them.

November is a story that tries to talk about separation, solitude and isolation in contemporary society. Also, the comic has a retro texture that reminds us of classic noir cinema and it´s full of cultural and jazz music references.